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May 19 2014


The computer mouse pad is a result of the ingenuity of an American scientist who earned distinction for his achievements associated with computers. The very first version can be likened to modern prototypes except for a variation of designs, shapes and materials. The major role of this accessory is to enhance both the rubbing and efficiency of the desktop or lap top mouse.Utilization of mouse pads will enable you to accelerate your movements which are functional for individuals whose tasks have something to do with this contemporary device. These mats also facilitate accuracy and provide comfort to the user. At the same time, these items prevent the surface of the table from being scratched. It has been said that this pad developed along with the gaming variety just like the optical mice which call for a unique version which consist of optical design to be able to operate effectively.

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There are pads made of special fabric, glass and plastic. Pads made of leather have also emerged as more popular materials among corporate workers and the trendy generation. The products are a combination of flair and functionality with their sturdiness, elegance and ornamental appearance. You can always add special appeal to the place of work with this beautifully-crafted merchandise that also comes in an assortment of imposing colors.

Here are some tips offered by computer accessories’ manufacturers and dealers:

  1. Purchase mouse pads that will complement the kind of mouse that you are using. Remember that inexpensive cushions should not be paired with high-quality; dots-per-inch gaming mice and non-gaming laser mice because these lose significant accuracy on cloth mats. The key here is compatibility.
  2. In the past, the superior commodities were those made from hard surfaces but nowadays there are also soft facades that can ensure consistency, soft glide and strength.
  3. Go for the material that will conform to your liking. Smooth surfaces will not always guarantee functionality and at the same time, there are users who prefer coarse surfaces due to the friction that these produce.
  4. Quality pads will surely help the user to achieve speed and control. The mouse can move steadily and there is no unnecessary tugging or pulling.

If you look for excellent pads, take a look at the following elements – brand, eminence, value and deterioration. It is not practical to spend a lot of hard-earned money for stuff that cannot be used anymore after a few months. Be patient in looking for these products that will last longer and provide you with utmost satisfaction.

Do some research through the internet while getting recommendations from friends and relatives. Take time out to visit computer accessory shops to see the newer models and sizes. Pads that crafted from leather will give you comfort, convenience and speed. It is always beneficial to study carefully the product descriptions and price specifications. Look for brands that stand out in the market. It is always better to choose those trade names that have built a good reputation throughout the years.

April 18 2014


Selfie di Pesawat Jet

Biasanya saat naik pesawat terbang kamu hanya akan mendengarkan suara sang pilot melalui speaker di dalam pesawat. Di mana sang pilot akan memberikan informasi bahwa pesawat siap lepas landas atau mendarat. Namun salah satu pilot Angkatan Udara Swiss ini sepertinya bisa membuat para penumpang ketar-ketir.

Karena apa? Karena alih-alih fokus di ruang kendali pesawatnya, sang pilot justru memilih melakukan aksi foto di atas langit dengan sempurna. Wow, siapa dong pilotnya?

April 17 2014


Jetpack Pribadi (Personal Jetpack)

Sudah waktunya setiap dari kita memiliki jetpack yang merupakan impian para pemimpi masa depan karena mereka sangat menakjubkan. Tapi yang kita bicarakan di sini juga bukan jetpack biasa yang terbang secara perlahan, bukan FANpack melainkan benar-benar JETpack.
Perasaan menggunakan jetpack akan setara dengan adrenalin yang terpacu pada saat mengendarai motor pada jalanan lapang dan terbuka tanpa adanya batasan bahwa Anda harus berbelok karena jalanan berliku.
Sama halnya seperti mobil terbang, hanya saja Anda dapat menikmati pemandangan dan Anda tidak perlu mengendarai benda yang besar hanya benda kecil seukuran tubuh Anda, yang juga mengizinkan Anda berpergian dari satu tempat ke tempat lain dalam waktu yang sangat cepat.

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